Everything You Need to Know About Winter Tires in Calgary

When you’re living in Calgary, you know that our winters can be difficult to say the least. Weather conditions can change drastically by the week, and that leads to often uncertain driving conditions. Ensure you’re best prepared for the upcoming cold season thanks to proper-fitting winter tires for your Honda vehicle fitted by us at Honda West. Our team will ensure you have the right winter tires that fit your specific vehicle model, and are able to meet the challenges that your lifestyle dictates. Explore more about winter tires below, browse our tire selection, and book your service appointment with us today.

Why You Need Winter Tires

Winter tires are the most important safety feature on your vehicle, as they’re the only part that touches the road. Especially in winter driving conditions, winter tires ensure your vehicle will have the best contact and grip possible on both snow and ice. Winter tires reduce braking distance in adverse conditions, superior handling, and provide an overall safer driving experience for yourself, your occupants, and others on the road.

When You Need Winter Tires

Winter tires aren’t just for when the snow falls. It’s officially recommended for winter tires to be fitted on your vehicle as soon as the daily temperature dips below 7 degrees in the late Fall season. This is because the lower temperatures reduce elasticity of the rubber in normal tires, so think of winter tires as “cold weather” tires. So don’t wait until you see the first icy patch fender-bender, put on those winter tires sooner than later.

Can I Get By With Two Winter Tires?

Just because your car may be FWD or RWD doesn’t mean you can get by with only two winter tires. The full set of four winter tires is the safest, and only proper way to use winter tires. Only two winter tires will lead to compromised turning capability in cold-weather conditions, making it very dangerous to drive.

Where Can I Get Winter Tires

Get in touch with our Parts team here at Honda West, or utilize our online Tire Selector to help you find the proper winter tires for your Honda model. We’ll help you get the right-fitting tires for your specific model, as well as handle installation for you if you’d prefer us to do it. Get in touch with us today to book your appointment, and secure your set of new winter tires.