The New and Improved 2022 Honda Civic

4 Ways the 2022 Honda Civic Improves Upon the 2021

The 2022 Honda Civic has seen glowing reviews across the board on it's full interior and exterior redesign in 2022. With so many improvements it's hard to know what will be the most impactful changes from 2021. This article will cover the 4 biggest improvements the Civic has enjoyed with its 2022 redesign and how they’ll make your daily commute more relaxing and enjoyable. 

Improved Safety Technology

Arguably the biggest upgrade from the 2021 version of the Civic is the new and upgraded Honda Sensing safety features. While industry standards like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) are included with every trim level, the real star of the show is Honda’s Traffic Jam Assist or Traffic Jam Pilot. This feature combines the aforementioned features together to create a new feature capable of taking over driving responsibilities in slower bumper to bumper traffic by automatically following the vehicle in front of you, stopping, accelerating, and even centering your vehicle in its lane. Traffic Jam Assist is the perfect feature for any 9 to 5’ers that drive at congested intersections or roadways on the way to and from work every day. Honda’s focus on driver comfort and enjoyment means you are able to unwind and decompress on your commute instead of it causing you more stress. Calgary’s notorious congested rush hour traffic makes this feature a must have. 

The 2022 Civic is More Fun to Drive


While the 2021 Civic was a joy to drive in its own right, the 2022 Civic is made with a new chassis that allows for tight and accurate handling that MotorTrend has been raving about. 

“Ride quality is tight yet smooth, reminding us of entry-level sport luxury cars. If the standard Civic handles this well, we're all the more eager for the Si and Type R.”

Beyond the new chassis, the 2022 Honda Civic offers two engine choices that depend on the trim level you choose. A base 158 HP engine is upgraded to a turbo charged 180 HP option on the EX and Touring trims. Impressively the 1.5 L turbo offers more power but also slightly better fuel efficiency compared to the base option. Regardless of the engine choice the new Civic’s tight and responsive handling will be sure to impress whether you are merging in and out of tight traffic or driving to the mountains on weekends. 

Revamped and Luxurious Interior


Everything from the design of the interior to the quality of materials used has seen a major improvement. Ease of use is at the forefront of Honda’s design philosophy and it shows on the 2022 Civic. A larger 7.0 inch touchscreen is standard on trim levels and operates AC as well as all infotainment options. A redesigned honeycomb dash combined with a more spacious interior gives a more sophisticated and more comfortable feel reminiscent of luxury vehicles far above its price point. An available 12 speaker Bose speaker sound system with a 9 inch touchscreen gives the touring edition even further elevated refinement. 

More Refined Exterior Styling


Part of the 2022 redesign was a full revamp to the exterior styling of the civic. A more sophisticated look replaces the extremely sporty design of the last generation. A lower hood and larger side windows give SUV-like visibility while driving. Sharper headlights are accented by a sleeker bodystyle that gives the 2022 Civic a truly unique look, one that Forbes was impressed with. 

The overall look is a significant departure from previous-generation Honda Civics, as the 2022 model is visually more balanced — it has the proportions of a rear-wheel drive sedan (at first glance, it is strikingly similar to the attractive E90-Series BMW sedan).

What Our Customers Love About the 2022 Civic


While they might not be the most obvious changes, here are a few of the updates on the 2022 Civic that our customers were blown away with. Firstly, the new dash is beautifully designed and feels like a serious upgrade from the 2021 dashboard. The newly designed heating and cooling vents give much more coverage making cooling down a warm vehicle on heating up a frozen vehicle an easier and less time consuming experience. For those audiophiles out there the Civic Touring comes with the aforementioned 12 speaker system that rivals any luxury vehicle on the market. 

For more information on the 2022 Civic check out our model research page. Or drop by our showroom to view and test drive the Civic for yourself.