Shocks, Suspension & Struts Service and Repair in Calgary DNU

Shocks, Struts, and Suspension Service

Taking your suspension service to any old repair shop may seem like a cheaper idea, but when you have to keep going back to fix the problem, that savings is mitigated.

Here at Honda West, we aim to provide expert-class service and repairing the core issue the first time. Whether you bought from us or not we service all makes and models with a smile

If you have a feeling your vehicle is getting increasingly less comfortable to drive, or believe there may be an issue with your suspension, bring it into our trusted Certified Technicians at Honda West!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Suspension:

How do I know if my suspension is damaged or not?
The following are signs of a deteriorating suspension system:

  • If the drive is excessively bouncy or the vehicle is swaying, even at slow speeds

  • If the car does not sit level when parked

  • If the vehicle is not handling well

  • If the steering wheel feels loose

  • If the ride is uncomfortable
Of course you should. Especially when traveling at highway speeds, faulty suspension systems will show their true colors. If your springs are not tight enough, your vehicle may begin to lift off of the ground slightly. Additionally, your vehicle will be much less responsive meaning if you need to make a sharp course-correction, your vehicle might sway too much/the wrong way and flip entirely.
When it comes to shocks, struts, and suspension most of these issues are a “feeling” thing. When your suspension system is off, every movement you make with your vehicle will seem off, sluggish, or downright scary. That being said, never take chances with your safety. If you believe there is an issue with your suspension system even in the slightest, do the safe thing and bring it in for service here at Honda West. Regardless of if you bought from us, we are proud to service all makes and models.
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