J.D. Power names Honda with 5 of the best resale value models


As Honda drivers, most of our customers know their Honda’s represent great value from the driving experience and utility until they are traded in, handed down or sold. Arguably, most Honda models achieve a p
erfect balance of performance, economy, luxury and affordability. When compared to other models of the same class from different brands, they also have a lower maintenance cost. 

Referring to several reports, the average small car depreciates by a minimum of 60% over a five-year period. Comparably, over this same time period, Honda vehicles depreciate by roughly 35%. This makes them much cheaper to own over the long term and generates better value overall. 


Kelly blue book also names the Civic a 2019 resale value winner, stating that “it holds its resale value exceptionally well.” They say that it “shines as a solid all-around player with multiple available models, excellent efficiency, and outstanding reliability.”

“One of the biggest concerns for many new-vehicle owners is depreciation,” said Jonathan Banks, Vice President of Vehicle Valuations & Analytics at J.D. Power. “Our transaction database shows the models that have the lowest depreciation costs, which can be very helpful to new-car buyers when deciding on their purchase.”

Here’s JD Power list of best resale value models for 2019. You’ll see some familiar Honda vehicles dominating the lists! 

Here’s a quick summary:

#1 Fit, Civic, Accord, CR-V and Odyssey

#2 HR-V

#3 Pilot