Private Sale | THE TIME IS NOW

Private Sale Private Sale

Private Sale | THE TIME IS NOW

From November 13 - 20th


Exclusive $4,000 cashback for a select group of current Honda Pilot owners exclusively.   *limited time offer

Exclusive introductory sale prices on all 2021 Honda Pilots

Clearout offers on remaining 2020 Honda Pilots, including executive demos and test drive units - Up to $7500 in savings!

Higher than EVER trade values - Your Pilot has been identified as EXACTLY what we need! The combination of a booming USED VEHICLE MARKET and the approach of winter put your Pilot's resale value at an all time high, and we NEED IT!

Use double your rewards!  Normally rewards are capped at $500 per purchase, but for this event we have doubled the allowable use to $1000


  • Lower your payments
  • Put $4000 in your pocket for Christmas
  • AND get the latest and greatest vehicle tech advancements!

Take advantage of one of the GREATEST offers on The New HONDA PILOT ever!

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