How to get the best car deals from dealerships

Have you ever wondered if there’s a right time to buy a car? There definitely is, but you need to stay in tune with what’s going on internally at the car dealerships in your area and get the best deal. Most dealerships have sales goals set either by themselves, corporate office or the owners. It’s about assessing the right timing for when they are the most motivated to make a deal. 

We have some insider information on how it all works and a secret hack to help you find the best deal.

  • 1. Stay in tune with their website and social media accounts to figure out when you can get the best deal – are there indications of a lot of inventory? Incentives? Low financing offers? 
  • 2. Seasonality – like every other retailer, the auto industry works seasonally and there are periods when everyone is looking to switch up vehicles like in the springtime. Slower times like summer (when everyone is on vacation) are a better time to get a deal.
  • 3. Sales – dealerships have to be careful with their terminology, there are limits to how sales can be done. So if they actually use words like “sale” or “incentive”, it means some serious pricing cuts.

At Honda West, we’re super transparent about our sales goals. Summer is slow and we’re incentivized to sell. We even made a video showcasing this crazy amount of inventory on our lot that needs to move. Lines of CRV’s, HRVs, Civics, brand new Passports and more ALL lined up ready to go. 

We’re running this crazy promotion called the Honda West 500, with the goal of moving 500 vehicles by the end of July. Summer is slow and we’re incentivized to sell! Check out the countdown here and click into our inventory to check if the model you’re looking for is in stock! We’re pushing new and used vehicles and now is the BEST time to come in.

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