Honda West Awarded with Silver Award for Green Dealer Recognition Program

Honda West gets recognized for being green.

Honda West has been awarded the Silver Green Dealer Recognition Program for its commitment to energy-saving practices. Honda Canada gives out the award to Honda Dealerships across the country that make energy-efficient alterations and improvements to their building in order to reduce the overall environmental impact it has. 

Selfishly, these energy-efficient changes also result in a large reduction in our electricity, heating, and water costs each year. In 2021 Honda West had a 12.7% overall energy reduction when compared to 2020, this resulted in a $6421 cost savings over the course of 2021 with $4149 savings in electricity, $1189 savings in heating, and $1083 cost savings on our water bill. More importantly, this significantly reduced our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) our business outputs by an astonishing 95 metric tonnes. This is the carbon reduction equivalent of planting 4370 trees every year! 


What Honda West did to Reduce Emissions and Save Money

Honda West has made a laundry list of changes to save money and reduce our environmental footprint but here are the major changes that had the biggest impact:

  • Honda West had a perfect score on our energy-efficient lighting system. This was possible because Honda West only uses energy-efficient lights throughout the entire building. 
  • Our dealership installed energy-efficient HVAC units, including space heating and hot water heaters, most importantly we have committed to regular maintenance to ensure our heating system maintains its high efficiency. This made a significant difference in our long and cold Calgary winters. 
  • Setting efficient thermostat setpoints by using 7-day programmable smart thermostats throughout the building. 
  • Honda West added additional cost savings with the efficient insulation and triple-pane windows we have installed. 
  • Our robust recycling program recycles consumables (paper, plastic, aluminum cans, glass), cardboard, and organic waste, resulting in a large reduction of our overall waste. 

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