How to Keep Your Honda Sensing Clean During Winter

When things get snowy and wet out there, it can be tough to keep your vehicle clean with all the grime, mist, and dirt that comes with sudden snowfalls and sudden melting. Along with that comes difficulties with keeping your vehicle’s sensors functioning properly! Thankfully the moment one of these areas becomes obscured, Your Honda will alert you right away!

Here are some helpful tips on keeping your sensors clean, and the key areas you need to pay attention to:

The Windshield: Those areas that are hard for your wipers to reach on a vehicle is generally where the forward-facing camera is for Honda Sensing. Make sure that you clear the way so you have an added set of eyes on the roads.

Rear Quarter-panels: The power blind-spot monitoring systems, and the system that is used when in reverse are located here.

The Vehicle’s Front and Rear Bumpers: The alert systems used when parking that notify you when you are getting too close to an object are here. These are very important for those tight parking lots.

The Rear-View Camera: This area becomes completely obscured sometimes on those melty days that hover near 0 degrees after a snowfall. Make sure to be careful when wiping particulates off of the lens.

The Grille and Fascia: There are a few important sensors located on the front of your vehicle. If you take a look at your new Honda and really pay attention they are easy to point out! Generally there will be sensors hidden behind the grille, and/or in the center below the grille for the use of adaptive cruise control functions.



Tips on Cleaning Your Honda:

Okay so now we know where the sensors are, and why they are all important. But how to we make sure to clean them properly to ensure they operate the best for as long as possible? Have no fear, we have you covered there too:

  • Cleaning the Rear-View Camera: When cleaning this little camera it can be tempting to just wipe it with your thumb. The secret technique? Try a little wiper fluid on it first and let the gross stuff dribble off before wiping lightly.
  • Blind Spot Camera: Similar to your rear camera you will want to make sure your Blind-Spot camera can actually see what is in your blind spot! Use the same technique to clean it when things get obscured.
  • The Windshield Camera: The easiest thing to do here is to make sure to clear your entire windshield when scraping and brushing in the morning. This way you can be sure that build-up from excessive windshield wiping doesn’t obscure anything.
  • The Grille and Fascia: Seeing as these sensors are low to the ground and mounted at the helm of your vehicle, make sure to pay extra attention to brushing off your sensors as snow, ice, and slush may get caught in them.
  • Be Consistent with Washing: The last tip would be to make sure to take your vehicle for a wash a few times during the winter months. It may not seem worth it at first glance, but when you consider the favors you will be doing your paint, your sensors, and your peace of mind it makes good sense to take it to the car-wash.

With a little extra care, you can make sure that regardless of the season your Honda will be operating at it’s best.

When you service your vehicle here at Honda West, we include a free car-wash with every visit thanks to our wonderful friends at Western Pride Car Wash! And if you ever need a hand learning about your Honda Sensing system and how to maintain it, you can always come on down and ask one of our many associates or check out videos online.