Honda CR-V or Honda HR-V: Which Model is Best for You?

The Honda CR-V and Honda HR-V are two of the most popular vehicles in Canada in the SUV category, and it’s easy to see why. With a broad range of all-season capabilities and features, at a price point that is accessible for nearly everyone, both the CR-V and HR-V check off many of the boxes on any family’s checklist. 

However, some people get choice anxiety when in the showroom, having test driven both, unsure what fits them best, as there may be distinct features in either that appeal to their wants and needs. So, let’s take a look at both models and see which one works best for your family.

Made for Canada

Part of the confusion that customers come across is that the HR-V tops out at about $32,000 while the CR-V starts at a shade under $29,000, so there’s overlap for the people in that price range. At the top end of the HR-V range the customer gets the fully loaded Touring trim, which overlaps with the LX and EX trim in the CR-V (for what it’s worth, the top CR-V trim is the Black Edition, starting at about $42,500). 

Being a Canadian driver, most will be looking for all-wheel drive. In the HR-V lineup, that means starting above the base LX model (AWD is an option) and getting into the Sport or Touring models, with which AWD is standard. Therefore, if AWD is a necessity to have for your vehicle, the top range HR-V compares very closely with the lowest range CR-V (the EX-L) that has AWD. 

CR-V’s Size Advantage

However, the top of the range HR-V Touring lacks some of the luxuries that the slightly more up market CR-V EX-L includes, such as powered tailgate, front seat memory and heated rear seats. For comparison’s sake, we currently have a couple 2019 HR-V Tourings in stock from $33,901, while our inventory of 2019 CR-V EX-Ls start at $38,191. In addition to the above mentioned luxuries, the CR-V is simply a larger vehicle, with 2,146 litres of cargo room with the rear seats folded down, compared with 1,665 litres for the HR-V. In fact, the CR-V’s cargo capacity rivals many SUVs from the next size up! In addition, the CR-V carries many more storage areas within the cabin than does the HR-V owing to its larger dimensions.

HR-V’s Safety Features

However, the HR-V does offer comparable passenger space to the CR-V in both the front and rear, making it nearly as practical as a daily driver. Honda’s excellent Sensing Suite of safety features– including automatic braking, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control–  is also available as standard on all trim levels of HR-V, so you’re never left with a vehicle whose safety features are less than the cutting edge of capabilities.

What Does Your Family Need

So, which is the vehicle for you and your family? Assuming AWD is a must and your affordability range tops out with the CR-V, you really cannot go wrong with either the CR-V or HR-V. Both have terrific Honda safety features, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity and all-season reliability. Therefore your choice comes down to two factors: do you value the luxuries the CR-V carries and do you require the extra, class-leading cargo space the CR-V has? If the answer to both of those is no, then HR-V Sport or Touring will fill all your needs. If your family values the extra luxuries, and requires the extra space for road trips or multiple hockey equipment bags, the CR-V EX, EX-L or Touring versions will be the vehicle your family can depend on for years.

Honda West has an extensive inventory of both HR-V and CR-V, across all trim levels. Drop by for a test drive to discover the model that works best for you and your family!