COVID-19 Financing Options: How We Can Help our Customers

How Honda West Can Help Our Customers

Trade Down

Reduce your payments. Trading down to a less expensive vehicle or payment can help with cash flow.


You may have equity in your vehicle. Ask us for an appraisal to review your options to refinance.

Defer Your Payments

There are options to defer payments. See Honda Canada's information below, or contact us to walk through the details for you.

From Honda Canada

Honda West and Honda Canada are cognizant of the fact that the mandated closures of several businesses and services by our Federal and Provincial governments will have a detrimental impact on many of our current and prospective customers. To this end, Honda West would like to make our customers aware of the following options:

Honda Finance Customer Service agents are available to support customers concerned about their Lease or Finance payments, to discuss their options and to provide them peace of mind. Please call 1-800-387-5399 or e-mail at

Honda Finance Customer Service will also work with customers regarding lease maturities in the next 90 days.

Please note we are experiencing extremely high call volume, we thank you for your understanding and patience. Please contact Honda West and we will fill you in on details regarding all the options current and prospective customers have regarding financing during the COVID-19 disruption.

Other Financial Institutions

Many of our financial institution partners are also offering case by case options on deferrals. Please contact your specific bank for more information. Contact numbers are as follows.

1)      Royal Bank of Canada: 1-800-769-2511
2)      TD Auto Finance: 1-866-694-4392
3)      Bank of Montreal: 1-888-801-2282
4)      General Bank of Canada: 1-877-443-5620
5)      Bank of Nova Scotia: 1-800 268-0762
6)      Servus Credit Union: 780-638-8625
7)      First Calgary Financial: 403-736-4260
8)      ATB: 1-800-232-1919

We Are Here to Help

Need a vehicle? We are here to help. 180 Days finance payment deferral offer available for new vehicles. Check out our new inventory here.