Employee Pricing Event

Employee Pricing Employee Pricing

Employee Pricing Event

You have been specially selected, as one of our most loyal clients, to participate in the Honda West Employee Pricing Event. This is only the second time we have ever done this, and on August 15th and 16th ONLY you can take advantage of additional loyalty savings, cash rebates, above market trade-ins and MUCH more!

Great Incentives For New Hondas:

  • Employee Pricing on your NEW Honda
  • Additional Loyalty savings up to $2800
  • Cash Rebates up to $2000.00
  • Above Market value for your trade 
  • Loyalty incentive interest rates from 0% on select models and terms
  • A HUGE selection of cars and trucks, including executive demos, Loaners, test drive units, and short term leasebacks.

A Honda West Exclusive Sale

  • We NEED quality trades
  • Bypassing our normal advertising expense and offering the savings directly to you 
  • Honda West is fortunate to have an incredibly loyal customer base, and we love to reward that loyality with exclusive offers!

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