Do I Need Honda Glass for Replacing my Honda Windshield?

What's just as certain as death and taxes in Alberta? Front windshield replacement! Given the sanding and traction control efforts in and around the city you're likely to have to replace a piece of window glass every couple of seasons.

The glass in your Honda is designed specifically for your vehicle, as stated by Honda. Not only does it work alongside your Honda Sensing systems, connecting your forward-looking camera with the systems inside the vehicle, sensing rain and providing your clear heads up display (depending on your model for various features) but, the glass provides structural integrity to the rest of the car and roof and protects you in a collision.

On newer models, the added sophistication of glass in your Honda has increased the pricing, in general, making it attractive to look for alternative replacement glass from non-Honda glass shops. While this is an understandable reaction to the cost of replacing a windshield we've noticed there are some significant downsides to buying non-Honda glass for your Honda. Here's a handy chart to help you evaluate your glass replacement options.

If your Honda has these features, you may want to reconsider buying non-Honda glass:

  1. Rain Sensing
  2. Forward Camera
  3. Honda Sensing
  4. Heads Up Display
  5. In general a 2016 Model Year or newer

Issue #1: In a number of cases it is not possible to calibrate the Honda forward-looking camera properly with non-Honda glass. Sadly, some replacement shops will install glass and then refer customers to the dealership to have their systems calibrated. Since the glass is not compatible it is impossible for Honda dealers to calibrate it potentially leaving customers in limbo.

Issue #2: Removal and replacement of the Honda Sensing technology, including the camera and sensing systems, may be damaged by installers not using appropriate methods. Most of the cameras are very expensive and it's unfortunate to have equipment damaged if an installer isn't aware of the repair procedure.

We want to inform our customers to be cautious about using third-party glass providers in the short-term as the end result might be replacing the windshield again or having additional cost, or down time for repairs to be completed after the fact. If you have questions, please call our Service team at 403-249-9394 orbook an appointment online.