Honda Civic Mazda 3
Pricing $18,990 $20,490
Reliability 5 Year 3 Year
Fuel Efficiency 6.4L/100km 6.6L/100km



When you have the best-selling car in Canada for 21 straight years, you can always expect a little (a LOT) of competition coming to try and take the crown. For 21 years the Honda Civic has confronted the competition and beaten them all back.

The latest competitor to the throne is the 2019 Mazda 3, with a bold redesign showcasing its updated architecture, enhanced styling, available all-wheel drive system and new infotainment. Let’s dive into the details to discover why the Honda Civic is still the class leader against even newly updated and improved competition.

More Interior Space

With 33mm more front shoulder room, 38mm more rear shoulder room and 59mm more rear legroom, the Civic provides more than enough space for passengers to get comfortable for short or long trips. Combine passenger space with trunk space, where the Civic holds a 428 litre to 374 litre advantage, and it’s clear the Civic is the choice for daily grocery runs or that summer weekend road trip you’ve been planning!

Remote Engine Starter

Civic has a clear advantage in this area that shows itself while you’re still in your home. With a remote engine starter on the key, Civic owners can cool down or heat up their car in year-round comfort. The Mazda 3 meanwhile, only offers this functionality through an app, with expensive installation costs and an annual fee after the first year of usage.

4-Wheel Independent Suspension

Civic employs a state-of-the-art 4 wheel suspension, which allows drivers better handling and all passengers more comfort, even on rougher roads. The 2019 Mazda 3 employs a simpler torsion-beam rear suspension; the lack of investment by Mazda in more advanced technologies shows itself to the driver and passengers with stiffer handling and bone-rattling discomfort over rougher roads.

Heated Rear Seats

Everyone in Canada knows the feeling of sitting down into cold seats in the middle of a January deep freeze :(. Honda recognizes this from its 50 years selling in Canada and equips the Civic with available heated rear seats. Mazda 3 doesn’t offer this option, which means moments of dread and minutes of cold as your passengers climb into the back during the inevitable minus-20 weeks we Canadians put up with.

Front Fog Lights

Have you ever driven through thick fog with inadequate lighting for the circumstance? You grip the wheel and sweat starts forming as you strain to the the road lines and other vehicles through the reflected glare. At its worst, it’s even more troublesome than heavy snow from a visibility standpoint. But in a Civic, drivers (and their passengers) can rest easy knowing the available fog lights can help guide you through to safety, whereas Mazda 3 owners will be cursing their lack of research that their new car doesn’t even offer the feature.


The Mazda 3 might make a stylish counterpoint to the legendary Civic, but its lack of key features which amplify the experience and its shortfalls in terms of space and comfort make the Honda Civic the clear choice for Canadians in the compact car category. With these advantages, the Civic is sure to make it to 22 straight years as Canada’s best-selling car!