Honda Civic: Canada’s Best-Selling Car for 2021

The November sales data for Canada’s automobile industry is in, and we can confidently project that the Honda Civic will be Canada’s best-selling car for the 24th consecutive year. Despite the well-documented industry struggles across the country this year, the Honda Civic delivered a 9% year-over-year increase in sales compared to 2020. Officially through 2021 as-of-writing, the Civic has sold 40,336 units, which is 1,827 units clear of the 2nd-place Toyota Corolla. While not the best-selling vehicle in Canada, the car market still remains a significant chunk of the industry, and being 1st place for 24 years is no small feat.

Why Do Drivers Love the Civic?

There are several factors that play into how the Civic has remained the top-selling car for the last near-quarter of a century. While all drivers have their own personal tastes when it comes to the vehicles they drive, there are key features that help the Civic carve it’s spot as the top car in Canada.


Cost to Own

The number one reason drivers love the Civic is the incredibly low cost-of-ownership. Over the past 24 years, the Honda Civic has been one of the most affordable cars on the market. Even when you look past the affordable starting price tag, the Civic has been well-known to be exceptionally efficient on gas, as well as a low annual maintenance cost. Great performance and style at incredible value is a tough combination to beat, and the Civic has been the best at it since its inception.

Fun Performance

The Civic isn’t just about the low price tag and ownership costs, the Honda Civic is known in Calgary and across Canada that it is incredibly fun to drive. Over the years, the Civic lineup has included powerful turbo engines and performance-inspired design to make drivers enjoy every ride. Further catering to performance enthusiasts, Honda has routinely offered special performance-focused Civic model trims, such as the Civic SI and Type R models that offer the best power and zip found in a car made in Canada.


Book a Test Drive

There’s a lot to love about the Honda Civic, so it’s easy to see why once again, it claims the crown as Canada’s best-selling car. See for yourself why the Civic Sedan or Hatchback is the right car for you at Honda West, your preferred Honda dealership in Calgary Alberta. Contact us today, and come check out our selection of Honda models right here on our lot, and test drive them today.