Why You Should Buy Accessories with Your Vehicle Purchase

Vehicle Accessories come in many different shapes and sizes, and give you the ability to further customize your newly purchased vehicle to completely make it your own. A common question that comes up when deciding on which accessories to go with is what are the benefits of buying accessories at the time you take ownership of the vehicle? We will discuss these advantages as well as which accessories are a must heading into another long and cold Calgary winter. 

Benefits of Buying Accessories When You Buy a New Vehicle

Here are some of the main benefits of buying accessories at the time of vehicle purchase:

Convenience - Your time is valuable, why waste it? Getting accessories installed when you buy a vehicle eliminates the need to come back to the dealership, often multiple times, to agree on pricing, arrange installation and be drop off your vehicle for the day while the accessories get installed. Choosing to get accessories installed before you are delivered the vehicle means all accessories will be installed properly before you take ownership of the vehicle, allowing you to make sure the vehicle and accessories are up to your standards before the vehicle is officially yours.

OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) Fit and Warranty- Genuine Honda Accessories are specifically designed to fit your Honda vehicle perfectly, no matter the model or trim level. Aftermarket accessories, from simple all weather mats to roof racks and bike hitches are designed to work with multiple makes and models. This can lead to issues with installation or long term issues if the part doesn’t fit properly on your vehicle. On top of this, you’ll receive a 3 year /60,000 km warranty on all Honda accessories installed with the purchase of your vehicle. (Accessories installed after purchase receive a 1 year/20,000 km warranty).

Easier to Budget - Choosing to wait and get accessories installed after the fact will leave you on the hook for the entire purchase cost of all accessories. With more expensive addons like running boards, remote starters, roof racks or trailer hitches this can leave you with a big financial burden that is hard to budget for. If you instead choose to include it with the purchase of your vehicle, you are able to add that cost into your monthly vehicle payment. With extremely low interest rates from 0-4% on most new vehicles, the interest paid on accessories is minimal and the financial relief from avoiding a big lump sum payment can be a lifesaver. 

Getting a Great Deal - The last advantage that many customers aren’t aware of is the using accessories as a final negotiation tool. Getting an expensive accessory discounted as a part of the deal is common practice for many savvy vehicle buyers. Likewise, getting smaller accessories like floor mats thrown in for free is also a possibility. This may not have a huge impact on your overall payment, but saving an extra few hundred dollars and getting the accessory you want for your new car is a win-win situation for you.

Which Accessories Are a Must Going Into Winter?

Here are some of the essential accessories going into winter:

All-Weather Mats - Installing custom, form-fitting floor mats is one of the nicest things you can do for your ride’s interior. Many options are available in heavy-duty plastic or rubber, perfectly shaped to the unique contours of your vehicle footwells and floor. Unlike generic mats, these offer better protection and full coverage of the carpet and floor beneath, and should easily last the life of the vehicle. Consider them especially if you’ll use your vehicle frequently with numerous passengers, with pets, or in the dead of a Calgary winter where that corrosive mix of salt and sand and moisture will otherwise chew up the carpet and floor beneath.

Battery Charger/Battery Tender - A battery trickle charger is easy to use, takes up little space in the garage, and can provide cheap insurance against a slew of frustrations. As batteries get older, they take longer to charge, hold less charge when they do, and can perform inconsistently. A weakened or dying battery can wreak havoc with modern vehicle electronics, and is a leading cause of annoying issues in many cars, from just a few years old. When attached and plugged in, the trickle charger tops your battery up, conditions it, improves its health, and may even prolong its useful life. It’s money well spent to avoid headaches, dead batteries, and the like.

Remote Starter - Do you enjoy waking up early on cold mornings, to go out into -30 ℃ weather and sit in your semi-frozen car for 20 minutes while it warms up? If you answered no, you are in good company. Avoid this bone chilling daily frustration altogether by installing a remote starter in your vehicle. Save yourself time and keep yourself warm this winter by looking at one of the many remote starter options offered at Honda West. 

Roof Rack/Roof Rack Box - We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that your yearly family vacation to Mexico probably isn’t happening this year. The good news? Canada is a beautiful country with tons of vacation getaways, especially in the Calgary area. Make your next family road trip comfortable and enjoy the extra space created by a roof rack for skis and snowboards or a roof rack box for luggage and suitcases.

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