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While Canada is experiencing a lower than average number of wildfires this year, the hundreds of wildfires that are currently raging across the west coast of the United States are contributing to ...Read More

The pandemic that we are hopefully on the way to coming out of disrupted most people’s lives and virtually every industry in our economy. The automobile industry is of course included in that an...Read More

Are you one of the thousands of Canadian’s who woke up this morning frustrated with their current vehicle? Maybe its too small for your growing family, maybe it doesn’t have enough cargo space...Read More

Whether you are planning on paying cash, leasing or financing, one of the biggest decisions to make when purchasing a vehicle is should you buy new or used? Why is this decision so vital? Dependin...Read More

Summer hail storms are becoming increasingly common across Calgary and Southern Alberta. With very little warning, your pristine vehicle can be battered with hail, significantly reducing the vehic...Read More

As we have all been forced to deal with the fallout from shutdown policies, we have also had time to digest the economic information that has resulted. One defining example has been automobile sal...Read More

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