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There is so much talk on the internet these days about vehicle batteries and the significant breakthroughs in technology that we find ourselves focused on what may be instead of what is. We often ...Read More

Are Rideshares More Cost Effective than a Honda Civic? With the advent of ride sharing services, many people have begun to crunch the numbers whether it is more cost conscious to use these service...Read More

When people think of mid-size SUVs/ crossover, they generally think of the CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and some American brands. But the Subaru Forester shouldn’t be discounted as a competitor to the CR-V...Read More

  As the world becomes more keen to the issue of climate change, Honda has taken the stance that energy needs to originate from low to zero emission sources, rather than just more efficiently...Read More

Autotrader just released a comparison between the 2020 model year Honda Civic and new Toyota Corolla. The competition is always intense, as many industry voices iterate.  Each of the newest mod...Read More

Your Honda vehicle lives life with you. Through the worst weather to long road trips, Honda’s warranty has you covered in every day-to-day adventure. If you have purchased a new or used Honda ve...Read More

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