Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Your Honda

Black Friday is synonymous with Technology. All the new technology is on sale and it’s great to think about the excitement of getting a new phone, TV, tablet or laptop.

Rather than spend any money I want to point out some of the cool features your Honda has for you which you might not be using. This way, you get the fun of some new technology without having to face the crowds and run to the store to see what’s on sale!

Did you know your newer Honda has a web browser built in? Did you know your Garmin based nav system has a fuel tracker and trip tracker? Do you know all the ins and outs of voice command through your Honda or through Apple and Android interfaces? Do you know how to use your smart phone and your car together to be a rolling supercomputer?

Here’s Honda West’s FREE Black Friday technology event just for you! If you go to our website to the Help Centre you can select your Honda and learn about all the technology features it has. You can get some “new to you” technology upgrades for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) so you can enjoy your Honda even more. Check out the link below and enjoy some cool new technology.

Honda Help Centre

Also, if you still have some questions please give us a call and book an appointment and we can walk you through anything you like in person and show you how to get the most out of your Honda.

Happy Shopping!