Battery Service, Parts & Inspection In Calgary DNU

5 Year Battery Guarantee

Honda West’s 100 Day New Car Battery Guarantee

A car battery is one of those components that’s easy to forget. It won’t make a noise when it’s failing and to the untrained observer it emits no warnings. Then one day, your car just won’t start. That is a hazard especially in a cold weather climate like Calgary; Honda West recognizes this and presents our 100 Day New Car Battery Guarantee.

Our guarantee prevents a new Honda owner from being saddled with a “lemon” and gives them the peace of mind that their new vehicle will be in perfect operating condition.

Battery Deterioration Over Time

Beyond the initial 100 days, it’s a fact of life that batteries deteriorate. While the average battery is expected to last anywhere from 3-5 years, there are many actions which will lessen its lifespan. These include:

  • Cold weather (an unavoidable reality in Calgary), which can reduce the power of a battery by up to 60% at minus-17
  • Using media or the radio without the car running
  • Repeated short drives, which prevent the alternator from recharging the battery from the power used to start your vehicle

Genuine Honda Batteries

Your Honda is designed to best function with Honda parts. Therefore, when you happen to need a new battery, having Honda-trained technicians install Honda batteries will optimize the functioning of your vehicle, improving the lifespan in the process.

Check our service specials page for the latest deals on Honda batteries and book an appointment to have your battery checked and/ or replaced.