Android Auto and Your Honda

android_auto_bannerIn a world where you can’t use your phone while driving but, you can’t be disconnected what are you to do? Android Auto is the Answer!

Android Auto really has me hooked! Essentially the interface allows you to run your phone by voice command, make phone calls, send and receive texts (and WhatsApp), listen to music or audio files, retrieve voicemails, and navigate all without taking your hands off the wheel. I’ve been using the “trial by fire” method for about a month now and I wanted to share my progress and give you, if you haven’t tried it, a head start using the voice commands which really is the beauty of the system.

First, you need to go to the Google Play Store and download the Android Auto App. Second, plug in your Android phone with a quality USB cable to the smartphone port in the car. Complete the ceremonial accepting of licenses and liability etc. and you should see the Android Auto screen replace the Honda display on the center display.

Android Auto essentially provides a simplified version of its interface so you can use it in the car. You can navigate, use the phone, view a home screen with information about your activities (the weather, recent phone calls, agenda items etc. – curated by Google), music/audio and the ability to return to the Honda display as desired.

The real power of the system is the voice commands. Android is pretty quick and allows from natural language to be used in most cases. If you want to navigate simply say “Navigate to…” or if you want to text someone simply say “Text Mike Walker” all by simply pressing the voice command on the steering wheel Android Auto will listen for your commands and carry them out.