The Amazing Benefits of Driving a Hybrid

If you got a kick out of the Seinfeld episode, when Kramer becomes addicted to the thrill of driving as far as possible on an almost empty tank of gas, the Accord Hybrid might not be the vehicle for you.

I’ve been driving the Accord Hybrid for about 3 months and have really enjoyed it. It is a comfortable and sturdy sedan with all the features you expect in a mid-sized sedan and some you don’t. Here are some of the things I like and love about the Accord Hybrid Touring.


  • The trunk – the previous model had less trunk space as the position of the battery was behind the rear seat. In this version the battery is still behind the rear seat but, it is lower down which provides more trunk space. Easy to put in 3-4 sets of golf clubs and luggage is no issue.
  • The sound effects – the car, at low speed, will sing to people outside the car. So as not to startle people the car makes an Apple II start up style sound at low speed. It’s cool.
  • The rewards – at the end of each drive the Accord tells you how well you did for that drive in an attempt to be green. It isn’t easy to be a super miler, like Kramer, but it’s a bit of gamification on your drive.
  • The Display – the vehicle is constantly telling you how power is getting to the wheels, the battery, both. You get instant feedback about how power is being used.
  • The quiet – at low speeds this car is a dream as it makes no sound.
  • Sport Mode – while it doesn’t achieve the environmental goal of the car it sure is fun to drive in Sport mode. I recommend it.
  • EV Mode – conversely it is fun to see how good your L/100km rating can be by using EV mode and pulling power from the battery only. It is like a game to see how well you can do and to see if a different route to work etc. will affect mileage.
  • It’s just a car! – If you want it to just be like any other car you can just drive it like any other car. But, you will get wild mileage on a tank of fuel. I drive mostly in the city and going 1000km a tank is awesome.

Here are the stats I’ve achieved since I started driving this car July 1.First Fill – (it was full of fuel when I started of course)
Km Driven – 1002
Consumption 4.2L/100km
Second Fill
Km Driven – 1103
Total Driven – 2105
Consumption 4.5 L/100kmNote – Drove to BC hence the low time durationThird Fill
Km Driven – 1066
Total Driven – 3171
Consumption 4.4 L/100km

To drive about 3200km for $120 is impressive. In a car that does it all otherwise too.

If you want to drive the Accord Hybrid Touring please come on down to Honda West and let one of our wonderful Sales Associates show you the benefits right in front of your eyes.