Almost New Vehicles – Demos and Lease Returns

Demos and leasebacks offer the Joy of new without the pain of depreciation. 

A Forbes article says: “A given vehicle that depreciates at a higher-than-average rate may lose its original owner some cash in terms of a lower trade-in value or higher lease payments, but it can prove to be an excellent deal for a bargain hunter in the used-car market.”

What is a lease back? 

Off-lease vehicles can be any executive demos, early return leased vehicles and rentals that are technically used but are often in almost new, “gently used” condition. Because they served as rentals, drivers often treat these vehicles with lots of care, fearing damage penalties. Additionally, rental companies adhere to a high standard of care including frequent cleaning (after each rental) and the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.  They can range in a wide variety of models, years and mileages available for immediate sale.

What are the benefits of buying a lease back? 

These vehicles are almost new, but are required to be discounted due to their used status. Dealerships cannot sell them as new vehicles, but buyers get similar benefits. Plus, these vehicles are all Factory Warranty and Certified eligible. They offer the best of both worlds – a new car experience, with the lower price of used. With features and technologies constantly evolving, off-lease vehicles offer the latest, at a discount.

Certified Pre-Owned Lease Back Vehicles

Certified pre-owned vehicles are typically gently used by the previous buyer, with two or three years of mileage on it but almost new in every other way. Dealers will be required to do extensive, multi-point inspections and repairs as needed to restore the vehicle back to factory settings. There is typically a bit of a premium required to get this level of certainty when buying used. Autotrader suggests, “there are benefits to seeking out off-lease vehicles, including being able to drive a car with the latest in technologies and features at a fraction of the price of a new vehicle.” Combining the benefits of certified pre-owned with a lease back gives the buyer the best of all worlds when it comes to used vehicles.

Financing options 

We offer special Lease and finance options for these types of vehicles. Please get in touch for more details.