Top 5 Reasons to Buy Winter Tires at the Time of Vehicle Purchase

Fresh off the heels of a massive snowstorm that battered most of Canada for weeks, it’s clear that having a good set of winter tires is a must to safely drive around on bad weather days. With this is mind, when is the best time to buy winter tires?

Benefits of Buying Winter Tires with your Vehicle

  1. To start, buying winter tires at the time of your vehicle purchase will ensure you have full safety from the moment you buy your vehicle. If you are buying a vehicle going into winter, having a brand new set of winter tires is crucial to safely drive around on bad weather days. Whether it’s going to work or taking your kids to school winter tires will get you there safely. If you are buying a vehicle going into summer then winter tires will often be discounted giving you the best price possible. Either way, driving with winter tires will greatly reduce your stopping distance, you can reduce your stopping distance by 30-40% by choosing winter tires over all season tires. 
  2. Buying a set of winter tires from the dealership you buy your vehicle from can let you roll the cost of buying winter tires, into your car payment. The main benefit of this is that Honda offers financing as low as 1% or even 0% with loyalty, so you get the benefit of no big upfront costs while still paying virtually no interest on the tires. With credit cards averaging 18-24% interest rates, rolling the cost of tires into your vehicle loan is a no-brainer.
  3. If you choose to buy winter tires at the time of purchase, you won’t need to think about tires for another 100,000 KM. With the typical life of tires being around 50,000 KM, having two sets will let you postpone big one-off charges like replacing a set of tires for around 100,000 kilometres. This combined with Honda’s low cost of ownership will lead to a very inexpensive vehicle in the first few years of ownership.

  4. Honda West has the absolute best prices on tires. Our parts department has price matching on tires to ensure you are always getting the best deal possible. If there is a better advertised price from another tire provider then simply print off or pull up the advertisement and Honda West will match the price. This will give you the best price possible while still paying 0-1% interest if you included it with your auto loan. 
  5. Buying tires from a dealership will help you avoid headaches like not getting the right sized tires for your vehicle, this problem is especially common with winter tires as some models benefit from a downsized tire and rim. Certified Honda dealerships know exactly which tires are best suited for your vehicle. Having expert certified parts representatives ensures you can’t buy the wrong tire. Avoid frustrations like tire rubbing and wobbling that are a result of having the wrong size tire on your vehicle. 

Check out Honda West’s unbeatable selection of tires here, or contact one of our parts specialists if you have any questions.