How Does the 2020 Honda CR-V Compare to the Toyota Rav 4

The compact crossover segment which features both the Honda CR-V and Toyota Rav 4 has seen a huge spike in popularity due to the versatility and value offered by the segment as a whole. Since their debut in the early 90’s, the Rav 4 and CR-V have consistently been some of the most popular  and most reliable SUV’s that money can buy. So how does the 2020 CR-V compare to its top competitor in the 2020 Toyota Rav 4?

Category CR-V Rav 4
Price Starting From: $28,905

Fully Loaded: $42,805

Starting From: $28,090

Fully Loaded: $42,750

Engine Horsepower: 190 HP

Torque: 179 ft-lb

Horsepower: 176-219 HP

Torque: 163-221 ft-lb

Fuel Economy (L/100km) City: 8.7L

Highway: 7.4L 

City: 9.2L

Highway: 7.1L 

ReliabilityJ.D. Power Reliability Rankings 81/100 80/100
Seat Comfort Cloth/Leather depending on trim. Superior leg room. Cloth/Leather depending on trim.
Cargo Space (cubic feet) Rear Cargo Area: 39.2

With Rear Seats Folded: 75.8

Rear Cargo Area: 37.6 

With Rear Seats Folded: 69.8

Interior Quality Finished with Soft Touch Materials Finished with Hard Plastics
Tech and Convenience Features Standard: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Adaptive Cruise, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Rear Parking Aid Standard: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Adaptive Cruise, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Monitor

Winner: Honda CR-V

As you can see, the CR-V and Rav 4 are very competitive with each other. The Rav 4 has a slightly lower price and is comparable in engine, fuel economy and standard technology with the CR-V. The CR-V has an advantage when it comes to reliability, cargo space and leg room, while also finishing off the interior with a higher quality material. Both the CR-V and Rav 4 come packed with standard safety features on the entry level LX and LE trim levels. The two crossovers are neck and neck in almost every category, which means that personal preference, design and drive feel will be the deciding factor more often than not. 

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